Here you will find the latest merchants, KOLs, associations, NGOs, NPOs, and corporations that embrace CyteCoin and Blockchain technology to become trendsetters in their respective industries.  To find out how to participate in this exciting innovation and business opportunity, please send us a message on the Contact page our representative will get in touch with you shortly.

World's first AR/VR/360 advertising platform that offers 360 video shooting and production, merchant partnership, social media marketing and promotion, video advertising, event campaign production and promotion.

Wing Fung

One of the leading bicycle shops in Hong Kong and carries some of the world's competition bikes and professional accessories.  If you are looking for unique biking stuff, this is the place to check out.

Taste Craft

An up and coming coffee-maker that does everything by hands and produce some of the most exciting coffee beans in Hong Kong.  They also make a very unique blend of fruit jams using fresh produce from the farms.


A charity organization that raises funds for the under-privilege families to provide them with adequate medical care and housing in Hong Kong.

Sassy Lady

The trendiest KOL agency in Macau with more than 100 influencers.  Sassy represents a new and innovative market trend of the next millennial generation with provocative and bold style of fashion and attitude. 

JetOne Motion

An award-winning VR Location Based Entertainment Center that has been the most popular training, education  and entertainment destination in Hong Kong.  It also appeared in more than 100 medias from all over the world. 

Antic Fashion

An upscale fashion boutique that focuses on high quality style without high prices, and also provides 24x7 online shop for the millennials who prefer do the shopping on the net.  

G.A.Y. Trading

Established in 2016, G.A.Y. is a leading toy electric car manufacturers producing some of the world's supercar from Ferrari to Mercedes Benz.  The performance and experience is just amazing!


ToysTV was launched in 2016, and is currently the most sophisticated and influential new media focusing on Toys and collectibles. 


World Biggest Imaging Supplier Group, which conform to various international high standards including ISO 9001 production standard.  ARM fill is a shop selling Premium Printer Consumables.


Hong Kong Management Association is a non-profit-making organization which aims to be the leading professional organization advancing management excellence.

Chocoberry Hair

A trendy hair salon in Central district Hong Kong with a group of passionate and seasoned hairstylists from Korea who do magic with all kinds of discerning customers of all ages.

Power & Beauty

A trendy Korean fashion and beauty shop in Hong Kong with a flair of provocative style and attitude.   They always have new items coming in from time to time, so go check their Instagram for the latest.


A Hong Kong based cryptocurrency news platform that engaged in providing industry news,  latest ICO projects, promote and market crypto-mining machines, 


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