The Team & Advisors

Meet our talented management team and industry advisors behind CyteCoin who are not only the technology innovator but also business leader.  They came together with one simple goal in mind, and that is to turn new and disruptive technology into a sustainable business ecosystem for all walks of life.

A serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of commercial and startup experience and founded JetOne Motion and VirtualCyte.  Graduated from Cal Poly, Pomona with BS degree in Computer Information Systems. Also, appeared in major medias that included BBC, TVB, NOW TV just to name a few.

Peter Yu
Founder | CEO

An international award winner of film-making and immersive VR/360 content.  Also a project officer at the French Government in charge of more than 200 national research in cinema, video, VR, AR, Robotic, AI, and sound. Holds a MBA and PhD. in Computer Science at ISG Paris.

Dr. Philippe Gerard
Chief Creative Officer

Founded three startups of his own that engaged in Online To Offline (O2O) services, Entertainment, and Cryptocurrency investment in 2017.  Also, launched “” that provides intelligence reports and market research to crypto investor community in Asia.

Kenji Cheung
Cryptocurrency Investment Advisor

A veteran in the high-tech industry and has held executive positions at some of the world’s renowned high-tech companies that include Microsoft Game Studios, Nintendo, Orbital Studios, Spectrum Holobyte, Lucasfilm, and gumi just to name a few.

AJ Redmer
VR Industry Advisor

Over 18 years in digital industry, played a strategic role for 2 IPOs.  Strong international startup background in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Australia. Previously served senior and management position at gumi,, Animoca. Graduated from NSW Australia with a degree in Computing Engineering.

Kevin Chan
Co-Founder | COO

Has over 15 years of VR content development experience that dated back in the Medical Center in San Diego.  HIs recent 10 years has been exclusively engaged in AR/VR/360 content and application development. Holds a BA Degree in Visual Arts from UC San Diego.

John Law
Head of Application Development

GM of Shanda Game (The Wain Studio) and also a veteran in the gaming and digital entertainment industry in China. Previously served a senior management position at Tiancity, Shanda Game Studio, and Gumi China.

Ye Jian
Mobile Gaming Technology Advisor

A renowned serial entrepreneur from the "post-80s" generation in Macao, and founded two companies in consulting and entertainment.  Also, has taken a pivotal role in major associations and councils in Macao. Graduated in Human Resources from University of Macao. 

Lucas Lei
President, Strategic Development

Director/Producer/Director of Photography/App Developer.  2nd Unit Director of Photograph of the Hollywood Blockbuster movies that included Transformer 4, Rush Hour 2, Spy Game, Tomb Raider 2, Double Impact, and Batman - The Dark Knight.

Dean Head
Entertainment & Movie Advisor

A professional brand builder and wealth management advisor in Hong Kong and Mainland China.  Has also been running a cryptocurrency academy since 2017 that provides ICO and cryptocurrency investment education courses.

Marcus Lui
Blockchain Advisor

Entity Advisors

Orichal Partners

Founded in 2017, Orichal Partners is a trusted partner for professional investors, wealth managers, family offices, investment managers and institutions in navigating blockchain technology and digital assets. Orichal Partners develop a full spectrum of strategies to help our clients expose to digital assets while fulfilling their risk appetite. The founding team had extensive experience working on both sell side and buy side. Orichal Partners brings traditional financial expertise and utilize cutting edge technology to this new asset class, allowing us to create dynamic and structured products and services for our clients.


The management team consists of IT veterans with over 20 years of experience, while their working team comprises of experts in state of the art blockchain programming, advance cloud computing and agile project management methodologies.  For current years, they have been doing small to large scale projects with corporates of different sizes. Their solid IT experience was acquired from the real battlefield.

Their low project/operating cost and domain expertise make them an ideal partner for IT outsource. 

L&Y Law Office

L & Y Law Office is a professional and dynamic legal practice based in Hong Kong, and offer an extensive range of legal services.


Have advised on multiple ICOs (including the very first public ICO in Hong Kong) on a wide variety of issues including regulatory advisory, marketing, strategy and technology advisory. We work closely with the client’s ICO team to ensure all aspects of the ICO are catered for in a diligent manner.


The idea of Paycent was born in 2014 by two ambitious women entrepreneurs Sumedha Goel and Svetlana Umarova. Paycent offers a complete payment solution that can be used across all countries. Paycent has been launched in Singapore and the Philippines. It will be followed by Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) starting Q4 of 2017.

Paycent is a financial platform powered by Texcent, a Singapore-based company dedicated to deliver fully integrated mobile applications. Texcent is a proud member of Singapore Fintech Association (SFA).


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